PCI Advantage

We know how important stable financing can be for the in-home consumer sales industry. We're here to help new and existing partners grow their business by providing that stability. 

We work with a diverse group of businesses. To help foster growth, we personalize our programs to their individual business needs. We offer step-by-step guidance for new partners, advanced in-house operations for buying and customer service, and a staff that looks after your portfolio.

Customer Service for Partners

Working with your schedule, our staff provides quick results for your deals, while keeping a close eye on your portfolio to find trends and updates.

Balanced and Accurate Buying

We look at numerous factors to help benefit your business and your customers. Our experienced buyers use our risk analysis system and algorithm that was made for the industry.

Business updates and support

Receive the latest information about your pending accounts online with our live report. Other available reports give you detailed information on your portfolio and deals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Full Service Options

Our departments work together to provide your sales team and customers with the information needed to move forward with deals. 

Our in-house services include bankruptcy, probate and field recovery departments, allowing us to help our partners maintain relationships with their customers.

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