What we do

Preferred Credit, Inc. provides businesses in the in-home consumer sales industry with financing opportunities. We choose not to finance houses, cars or related items, because we’re deeply rooted in this industry.

PCI’s founder, Gene Windfeldt, was a part of the industry before creating PCI for businesses in the industry. Our daily business operations are set to help our partners grow with retention increases, superior approval percentages, promotions and more. We do all that we can to increase sales, so that their portfolio reflects their work.

Our partners can keep track of their sales and deals with our online reports, while our staff keeps an eye on trends and watches over their portfolio.

To keep our departments geared for this service, we strive to be a relationship-driven finance company, focusing on quality and speed. And, since we work with businesses from various parts of the country, we stay available during extended workday hours and weekends to remain flexible.

We're committed to this industry and those who contribute to it.

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