What PCI Means To You

When you come to work, we want your environment to be positive, dynamic, and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.

We can't make PCI a great place to work without having great employees who add to the company's success. Read some of their stories below and find out what PCI means to you.

Employee Spotlight


Employee Spotlight - Cheryl

To Me, PCI Is Fun, Loyal And Family-Oriented

Cheryl builds relationships with clients in the Philippines. She started in 2010 taking Zip calls before being promoted to a supervisor position. 

"Now, I am proud to represent the amazing Filipino clients and serve as their Client Processing Specialist," she said. "Every day my goal is to create the best possible experience for our customers and make them feel how we appreciate not just their business but, more importantly, our relationship with them."

What Is Your Favorite PCI Story?

"I will always remember my buying-training days," Cheryl continued. "Coming from the Philippines, I knew nothing about credit... I love how they made learning for me so fun and enjoyable. I owe all of my credit and financing knowledge to PCI."

What Do You Look Forward To?

"My dream is when I'm done working, I wanted to be able to do a full-time ministry in spreading the word of God and serving with my husband."


To Me, PCI Is Professional, Team Work & Engaging.

Ivy is a member of the Saladmaster team. Her main role is watching over client's portfolios and making sure that they get paid on time and address any issues that concern their customers.

How would you describe the team you work with?

"We work as a unit, good communication and watch each other making sure that any issues concerning a client is resolved in a timely manner. We do have specific clients that we watch for but each of us work together to attain our goal for all of them."

Who has been your biggest influence and why?

"My Mom, she is my Superwoman. She is very supportive on what me and my brother decide in life. She gives good advice about life and she's the one person that never judges when I mess up."

Employee Spotlight - Ivy


Employee Spotlight - Mitzi

To Me, PCI Is Integrity, Supportive & Family.

Mitzi's role at PCI is to help dealers, customers and distributors. She helps the dealers process applications and lets them know in minutes if their customer was approved or declined. She also assists the distributors in the Spanish Client Services line.

What Is Your Favorite PCI Story?

"My favorite PCI story is when I found out that PCI was opening a branch in Las Vegas around the time my husband & I were thinking about moving back to Los Angeles. Right away I called my husband & told him I had changed my mind & that we should go to Las Vegas this way we can both get to keep our jobs. He was given the choice to transfer to 2 different locations, one being Los Angeles & the other one being Las Vegas."

Who has been your biggest influence and why?

"It's hard to specify a specific person to have the greatest influence on me because there's more than one, but I do think it's mostly the people around you that influence you the most. So, in the end it boils down to surrounding yourself with good people to help you make the right decisions in life. "


To Me, PCI Is Professional, Upbeat And Friendly

James is a Processing Associate in the processing department. He provides support UCC filings and assists customers along with third parties with questions and concerns about UCC. He has been with PCI for over a year and has used his recovery skills from his previous role as a Recovery Agent for special handing and revolving accounts. James is able to engage Filipino customers in their native tongue to understand details about how their accounts and financing works.

“All I can say is that I feel so lucky that I am still part of PCI and that I have invested my skills in the right company.”

What Is Your Favorite PCI Story?

"During my first few days in training, I got overwhelmed by those who never heard information about financing. I almost stepped back to find another job. But because of the constant support from the people that I work with, I was able to carry on and teach myself to love my job even more."

What Do You Look Forward To?

"To travel the world starting with the most beautiful places among the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. I also want to dedicate myself more to God by joining our Church choir."

Employee Spotlight - James


Joe Menk

To Me, PCI Is Integrity, Opportunity and Innovative

As Assistant Market Manager for our Kirby Market, Joe ensure that clients have a positive experience while working through their needs and objectives to grow. He works to provide alignment within internal departments to offer our clients the best product available from a finance company. Part of his role is to think outside the box and look for new opportunities for our clients and for PCI. By watching trends and offering insight to our clients, he works with them to help them build their businesses.

What Is Your Favorite PCI Story?

"It is difficult to have only one. My favorite stories are from calling clients to tell them that the combination of our reserve program and their hard work has yielded them a significant return in a reserve disbursement. At times these clients have retired from the Direct Sales industry and the news is completely unexpected. Bringing someone to tears and hearing that you have 'changed their life', simply because they chose us to finance their contracts with us, reinforces the purpose behind what we do every day."

Who has been your biggest influence and why?

"My biggest influence has been my dad. He taught me to work hard and be persistent when striving towards a goal. He inspired me to be a business owner myself and is a constant reminder to strive for excellence in every aspect of life."