How it Works

Our automatic payment service offers a variety of options to help fit your financial situation. 

Customer service agents can help you find a pay rate that's comfortable for you. You can also increase the amount at any time, and if need be, you can drop it back down to your regular monthly amount.

There's no need to call in for monthly authorization after the arrangements are set. It will run on your scheduled draft date. Once you're paid in full, the service stops automatically. You can call our customer service line to check your balance and to find out how many payments are remaining.

Set up Auto Pay by mailing or faxing in the authorization form, or set it up online. 


  • No cost to set up
  • Fits your financial situation
  • No monthly authorization needed
  • Confirmation letter sent for your records
  • Stops automatically when you're paid in full

Set Up Auto-Pay

US Customers

Authorization formSet up online

Canadian Customers

Authorization Form

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