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PCI is an in-home consumer financing company. We finance products like home cleaning systems, water systems, cookware and more.

We work with people from all over the country to help meet their consumer needs, offering flexible payment plans, account support and customer service.

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Online Statements ~ Easy. Safe. Green.

Easy and Convenient

No more waiting for your
statement to arrive in the mail. 
Access statements online
anytime from anywhere.

Safe and Secure

Securely access statements
online reducing the risk of them
being wrongfully accessed
via your mail or trash. 

Green and Clutter Free

Less paper waste helps the
environment, reduces 
clutter and worries about
disposing of statements.

Make your payment online

US Customers Only

You can set up payments online with your checking or savings account. Enter in your information, schedule a draft date, and your payment is made.

You'll need

  • PCI account number
  • Last four digits of your social security number
  • Bank's routing number and your account number

Other options Make payment

Set up Auto Pay

Flexible Auto Pay service


Our Auto Pay service can help you pay your bill on time. You can set up Auto Pay online or by calling our customer service line.


  • Flexible payment scheduling
  • No monthly authorization
  • Automatically stops when paid in full

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