• Preferred Credit Inc. Opens A New Las Vegas Office

    Nov 21, 2017

    Preferred Credit is preparing for future growth and working to better serve it's clients by opening a new office in Las Vegas.

    “As PCI continues to grow, many of its clients are on the west coast and in Hawaii. Opening an office in the Pacific Time Zone means customer service representatives can work hours that make more sense for those clients,” PCI President and CEO Greg Windfeldt said.

    It also presents a new job market for PCI to find employees. The St. Cloud job market continues to be tight, making it difficult to fill some positions.

    PCI Building Detail Glass

    “Las Vegas has higher unemployment, which makes it easier to recruit new team members,” says Windfeldt. “It really sets us up for the future to meet our staffing needs. We didn’t feel we would be able to meet that without a secondary location. If you don’t have people, you can’t grow.”

    Las Vegas also has a more diverse workforce and it is easier to find the bilingual employees PCI needs. PCI partners with consumers and businesses through the U.S., Puerto Rico and Guam, creating a need for those who speak Spanish and Tagalog.

    Work at the Las Vegas office will be similar to what is done in St. Cloud. Employees will be customer service agents who take calls from consumers about their accounts and to make payments. There also will be employees who process applications.

    Addressing hiring needs and providing excellent customer service are the main goals of the new office. But it provides the additional benefit of having a backup to the St. Cloud office for business continuity, Windfeldt said.

    There are currently 20 people working in the Las Vegas office, which opened November 2017. The goal is to have up to 25 employees. There are 275 employees in the St. Cloud office.

    Preferred Credit, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Gene Windfeldt to provide financing to one of the largest in-home consumer sales distributors in the world.

    The PCI mission is to be a relationship-driven finance company by providing honest, superior service with a commitment to operational excellence. In doing so, PCI strives to create sustainable opportunities for businesses, consumers, and employees.