Providing financing solutions for over 30 years

PCI Founder Gene Windfeldt believed that everyone should have the opportunity to own high-quality products that were presented to them by respectable, independent business owners and their representatives.

With this belief in mind, PCI was established to give that opportunity, and continues to do so for people nationwide.

PCI Timeline


Entering the in-home consumer financing industry July 1, 1982, PCI provided services to only one distributor.


The company saw success early on, opening up new opportunities. Reaching business goals during the early 1990s, PCI expanded its network.


Climbing steadily higher in the industry, with technology and program updates, PCI remained stable during the economic downturn in the 2000s.


Seeing record-breaking growth in 2014, PCI decided it was time to make changes for the future. The company moved into a new headquarters in May 2015. PCI continues moving forward with service updates and options, and advancements in technology, while remaining dedicated to the industry.